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Culture Danza de Los Cornudos 2015
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The Dance of the Horned (La Danza de Los Cornudos) is an Otomi tradition that takes place during Easter in the town of San Bartolo de Agua Caliente, state of Guanajuato, Mexico. 

In the three day celebration, the indigenous people of the region recreate the Passion of Christ in a fight with machetes.

That's what I was expecting to see, in reality, however, the whole town seemed like a badass after-party: the streets were trashed, the dogs were mating, the children were swinging machetes left-to-right, and even the masks couldn't hide how drunk everybody was.

I didn't know I had my favorite part of this celebration until I have realized that all 'this 'absurdistan' is forming a procession to take a Christ to the crucifixion.

For the locals, this is the most important celebration of the year, a cultural heritage that all the people are proud of and their joy is enormous.

San Bartolome de Agua Caliente,  Guanajuato, Mexico.

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