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Stories Agblogbloshie, A Black Market for White Waste 2017
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Agblogbloshie is a slum in the heart of Accra, that has achieved notoriety as one of the most polluted slums in the world by hosting one of the largest electronic waste dumps in Africa.

The area turns into a live recycling machine, where the poorest classes of Accra are spending years dismantling, recovering, weighing and reselling parts and metals extracted from the scrapped devices and from the heaps of electronic waste.

Every day informal workers transform used electronic products into
working units and extract heavy and precious metals for reuse in secondhand formal and informal markets.

The Agbogbloshie site became known as a destination for externally generated automobile and electronic scrap collected from mostly the western world. It was alleged to be at the center of a legal and illegal exportation network for the environmental dumping of e-waste from industrialized nations.

Accra, Ghana 2018

These series are a part of my broader ongoing documentary series 'Africa B&W', where I am exploring relationships between Africans and westerners as the sequences of colonialism.

Trimmigrants 2013-2017
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