About Me

Denis Vejas (1986 Lithuania) is a Vilnius-based documentary photographer, writer and visual storyteller.

Shows and Awards

2022 06 - A runner-up for European Press Prize. Public Discourse category. Madrid, Spain.

2022 05 - Collective audio-visual exhibition Ukraine: Breaking Point. MO Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2021 10 -  Personal photography exhibition Belarus: Red on White,  as a part of Inconvenient film festival. Vilnius, Lithuania.

2021 06 -  Marte Live multidisciplinary art competition,

Northern Europe semifinalist in photography category.

Finals gonna take place in Rome in December 2022.

2020 10 - Life Framer  Photography Award Honorary Mention,

"Humans of  the World" category, judged by Amy Kellner, Photo Editor at The New York Times.

2020 10 - Personal photography exhibition as a part of 'In Latino festival' .

"Day of The Dead"  series. Public space, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2020 09 - Life Framer  Photography Award Honorary Mention,

"Civilization" category, judged by Tate Modern’s Curator of International Art and Photography Emma Lewis.

2020 05- Life Framer  Photography Award Honorary Mention .

"World traveller" category, judged by celebrated social documentary photographer Greg Girard.

2019 - Solo photography exhibition as a part of 'In Latino festival' .

"Residents and Visitors"  series. Public space, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2019 - Personal photography exhibition as a part of photography festival "Encuentro Fotografico Mexico". 

(Not) a Witch Portrait" photo series. Tijuana, Mexico

2018 - Life Framer  Photography Award Honorary Mention. "Instant" category,

judged by Clément Saccomani, Managing Director of the highly-revered photographer-owned agency NOOR.

2017 - Collective photography exhibition "Magic and Witchcraft in the year 2017".

"Last Sufi Dervish in Kazakhstan" and "(Not) a Witch Portrait"  series, Laarne Belgium.

2014 - Personal photography exhibition "Flow'ers". "Rainbow Gatherings" photo series. CommuneArt artists' residence, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2015 - Collective documentary photography exhibition "La Gran Pramesa".

"Maidan, Anarchy in the UKR"  photo series. Hidalgo, Mexico.

2013 - 3rd place in 'Traver Scholarship photography awards' organized by National Geographic and World Nomads.  "Last Sufy Dervish in Kazakhstan" photo series

Selected Publications

Human Affair Magazine / Agbogbloshie

Docu Magazine / Direction North (printed feature + cover photo)

Human Affair Magazine / Galamsey

NARA / Smaragdų karštligė. Kanapių karpymas Kalifornijoje

NARA / Kelionė Šiaurės link

Calvert Journal / Belarus Protests: The Election that Shook the Country

Beware Magazine / The New Normal

Vice Espana / Así es la vida de la Familia Arcoíris

Vice International / My Strange Winter with a Shaman in Kazakhstan

The phoblographer /Winter with a shaman in Kazkahstan

Juxtapoz / Rainbow Gatherings: Images from a Modern-Day Hippie Paradise

Vice Espana / We went to a voodoo macrocelebration in Benin

Vice Canada / Ambient Photos of Nocturnal Western Africa

Plain Magazine / Africa AM

Vice Mexico / La danza de los cornudos: un after party con caguamas y machetes en Guanajuato

Vice Mexico / Fotos: La fiesta de cinco días por el natalicio de Cuauhtémoc, el último emperador azteca

Vice Mexico / Hazte millonario cortando y fumando mota durante cinco meses

Beware Magazine / Bienvenue au Rainbow Gathering : dans l’œil de Denis Vejas

El Papel / La Bestia: el método más barato y peligroso para llegar a Estados Unidos

The main feeling that you experience from Denis Vejas work is a sensation of an encounter with a unknown world; a diverse cluster of parallel universes, mankind portraits from different cosmos, images which seeks to maintain an intimate distance into the deep of the emotional, the mystical, the wild..

His work is about an elaboration of social landscapes. It is a set of visual essays about reality and lucubration invented by our interpretations or visions, fruit of this distant lands  away from the bubbles that we are used to live in - a magical realism making presence as a fact - through a ritual, or an escape to another place, a way of living (or surviving). Denis show us a game of temporality, a slide which conjugates the past and the present. His still images border on a pictorial form, evoking the scenes that shows our wild, our nature instinct, our most beautiful human brutality.

                                                                                                                                             - Lucas Jose Carrelis

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