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Editorial ​La vía del Tarot - Un acto Ritual
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“La vía del Tarot”

Un acto Ritual

La Via del Tarot es una exploración teatral, ritualística y juguetona que hacemos alrededor del Tarot, de la baraja de Waite. Una influencia grande es la aproximación de Jodorowsky al Tarot y a lo que él llama Actos Poéticos.

Cada carta es realizada en diferentes locaciones y en colaboración con diferentes personas. Esto, depende de la carta, de la forma en que nosotros la interpretemos y con qué persona la relacionemos. 

Es nuestra interpretación del tarot. A partir de cada carta hacemos una serie de fotos que son el resultado de actos poéticos. 

“The way of Tarot”

An Act of Ritual

'The way of Tarot' is a visual exploration of Tarot cards with a playful, theatrical and ritualistic approach influenced by Alejandro Jodorowsky poetic acts and tarot deck of Waite.

Every card is made in different location with people who relate themself to particular card.

It's all interpretation. Each card is resulting in a series of photos, registering the poetic act.


The Moon

Collaboration with 

Maniela Garcia Aldana

“I fell into myself, and each time I fell more deeply. I lost myself while descending tonowhere, until at the end, ‘me’-the-obscure was no more. I was finally able to reflect all the
light—an ardent light that I transformed into its cold reflection, not the light that engenders butthe one that illuminates.
“I do not inseminate, I only indicate. Who receives my light knows what is, nothing more.
This is already more than enough. To alter myself into total reception, I had to refuse to give.
All the rigid shapes of the night are annihilated by my light, starting with reason. Beneath my
clear light, the angel is an angel, the wild beast is a wild beast, the madman is a madman, and
the saint is a saint. I am the universal mirror, everyone can see himself in me.”


The Death

Collaboration with 

Manuela Garcia Aldana

"Thanks to me, everything turns into dust and collapses. But do not think this is a tragedy. I make destruction a process of extreme splendor. I wait for life to display its most supreme beauty; that is when I appear to eliminate it with the same beauty. When it reaches the limits of its growth, I begin to destroy it with the same love that was used to build it. What joy! What immeasurable joy! My permanent destruction opens the way to constant creation. If there is no end, there can be no beginning. I am at the service of eternity, your eternity. If you devote yourself to transformation, you will become the master of the ephemeral moment, because you will live it in its infinite intensity. It is because of me that desire is born in the belly, in the genitals. Coitus serves to conquer eternity."

The Queen of Wands

Collaboration with

Diana Castillo

“I have dived into the incessant river of desire. Everything in me is exuberance. With the gluttony of a tornado I offer my burning cavern to every insemination. My voluminous hair is the foam of an ocean that gathers itself in a single wave. Universal power manifesting as sexual action gives me the supreme strength of seduction. I am ready to incubate countless eggs, to make all deserts flower, and to people with my works the harsh kingdom of the Queen of Wands. This is why I never stop opening myself and never stop calling. Without a generative intake I would not exist. It is this incompleteness that gives me my giant stature. Beneath my being outside of omnipotence I need to be used, fertilized, and directed. This is what seduction is: a lack transmuted into strength by desire. If I did not acknowledge this lack, if I aspired to complete myself, I would become castrated.”

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